Here are descriptions and examples of some of my most popular and favorite Tones:


The Surf Rod:   It's your axe...   Wanna surf?


As the name suggests, this Tone designates a "Hot Rod" Surf Guitar.  When the "Twang's the Thang"... but you want more...   This is your axe.  

 The destinctive features are:

  • A Floating Whammy-  Wilkinson, WWL, Hipshot, Point, etc.
  • Locking Tuners- WWL or Planet Waves
  • Taller Frets-  Medium/High or Medium/Jumbo are standard.
  • Hotter Pickups- WWL enhanced output, Dual Rails, Lace,etc.
  • A little extra "Flash"-  A style with more flambouyant selection of finish colors and trim.
  • Bright Chrome or Blackout hardware.
  • Wiring Mods-  Separate discreet tone controls, TBX, NoLoad, Push-Pulls... dependant upon Pups...
  • Exotic woods are always an option...

The Surf Rod LincolnIt's your axe...  Want a night on the town?

"Son, you gonna drive me to drinkin' if you don't stop playin' that Surf Rod Lincoln"


This Tone takes all of the features of the Surf Rod and "dresses it up" through a habidashery of Golds, Pearls and Solids.  The result is a more refined look that doesn't get in the way of raw performance.

What makes it a Lincoln:

  • Gold hardware and screws.
  • Optional pearl trim.
  • More subdued, traditional color schemes.


The Shred Rod:   It's your axe.....  Gotta shred?


This Tone takes performance to a new Level.   Power and Fluidity available at your fingertips.

Shred Rod Features:

  • Double Locking Whammy-  WWL, F/R, Schaller
  • Compound Radius Fingerboard-  Maple, Rosewood or Ebony
  • Tall Jumbo Frets
  • Very High output Pickups-  Overwounds, Rails, Dual Rails etc.
  • H/H, H/S/S and H/S/H configurations
  • Wiring Mods-  3 way Tone-Select is very useful and popular.
  • Scalloping is optional